Dedi Zulkarnain Pulungan, Fauziah Nasution, Robiatul Adawiyah, Elissa Evawani Tambunan, Erni Rawati Sibuea


Idioms are expressions or expressions in terms of terms or phrases which mean they cannot be obtained from literal meaning and from the arrangement of their parts, but have more figurative meaning that can only be known through common usage. The difference in meaning between lexical meanings and special meanings possessed by idioms can be understood, because actually the differences between the two meanings also have relevance or relevance of the meaning of terms used in idioms by looking at words or terms used in idioms. In relation to Idioms, the theory that will be used for this study is “Contextual Theory”. In assessing meaning, it is inseparable from the existence of a context or situation or situation. Contextual Theory implies that a word or symbol of speech does not have meaning if it is detached from the context 

Keywords: idiom, structure and meaning, conceptual model approach

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